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As golfers, from beginners to experts, we often focus on the next best driver or what $1,000 set of irons we can buy because we think that's what we need to take our game to the next level. 

Don’t get me wrong, finding a set of golf clubs that feel true to you and your swing are essential to improving your game but, as an avid golfer for the last 15 years I’ve found that we ignore the significance of one of our smallest pieces of equipment and yet one of the biggest in importance and that's your GOLF GLOVE!

For a sport where “feel” is everything, from the fit of your apparel to the weight of your clubs, we hardly spend time focusing on our gloves and making sure that the “feel” of the glove is absolutely perfect. 

As I would say, the golf glove is your right hand (left for most) man because unlike every other piece of equipment besides the golf ball your golf glove is your most used tool and is generally used on 80% or more of your shots.  So, why would we put little to no effort on choosing the right glove for our game when we use it that much and a whole lot more than that $400 driver we just bought?

For years I was exactly like this, I would show up to the golf course with a crumpled up glove or sometimes not having one at all, walk into the pro shop, tell them my size and hand and buy the first glove they handed me. How many of you have operated the same way for most of your golfing years? WHY would we do this when most of us will spend months trying to find the perfect set of clubs, driver, or putter? If you lost your pitching wedge and didn't realize it till you were in the club house, would you tell them the club you needed and take the first one they handed you? I’m hoping not and I know my answer is a strong no and it should be the same with our golf gloves.Our hands are the only part of our body that is in contact with the club and the grip is a core foundation of your golf swing and as you know the glove plays a vital role in your grip! 

So, after years of wearing whatever glove was cheapest or whatever glove I was handed I finally decide to put the effort into finding the right glove for me. Just like buying your golf clubs there are a number of components that go into finding your perfect glove. You may decide to focus on specific aspects more than others but, generally when purchasing a glove you'll want to look into the six components listed below! 

The guide below is meant to help narrow your selection on golf gloves as there is a plethora of gloves out there and more often than not there are multiple gloves that fit your preferences. As a bonus, I included my choice of glove that just hit the market and without a doubt checks all the boxes for my perfect glove and then some!

Finding your Golden Glove 101

  1. Size - Before you find the exact size of your glove, always make sure to inform them of the dexterity of your glove. I always find it best to tell them what hand golfer I am to eliminate confusion because your actual glove hand is the opposite. Once this is established your best bet is to try on a few different sizes and find the size that makes the glove feel as close to a second skin as possible. 
  2. Material - In the early days of golf, gloves where only made of cabretta leather but, now they have synthetic leather and a combination of the two. This will be a personal preference since you want to choose something that gives you the best feel and control and that can vary between golfers.
  3. Durability Figuring out durability takes a little more time because you generally have to use the glove while you golf to see how it holds up. Key components to focus on are how well it holds up to rain, sweat, and any other moisture as well as how long the structure of the gloves maintains. So many times I have purchased a glove at the pro shop and within a few rounds I was already purchasing a new one due to holes throughout the glove.
  4. FunctionalityThe main function of your glove is to provide strength and hold in your grip with your club but, a lot of gloves now offer other functions. Don't be afraid to research whats out there and decide what is important to you. Some gloves hold golf tees and others have ball markers on them, both are great options and it just depends what you value. As I stated before my favorite glove that just hit the market has a function that no other glove has and is the reason Ill only be buying that from now on! (more on this below)
  5. Style/DesignJust as we want to have the best performing equipment we also want to make sure we have the best looking products. The golf glove market has copious amounts of gloves for each and every style of golfer. From your major brands such as Titleist to your newer start ups such as Voraus Golf  your options are unlimited!
  6. Price -  The last thing I focus on is the price, which might seem weird as most people look at this first but, the price ranges between gloves are minimal and we should all be willing to pay top $$$ for our most important piece of equipment. I have seen gloves from $10-$35 and I have tried a lot of them out so my advice is to not focus on price as much and really look into the other components of the glove.

Now I know these guidelines aren't anything ground breaking but, they are very important to finding the right glove and they are often over looked when purchasing a glove. I know a lot of us end up buying our gloves at the golf course before our round so, I find it important to either establish a few gloves you like to use or always have these in mind when buying a glove in a rush. 

A glove that checks all of your boxes can truly improve your golf game and if you've never focused on finding the right glove I promise you that you'll notice right away with the feel and your score at the end of the round. 

Like I said at the beginning, I wanted to tell you about a glove that just hit the market and is my new favorite golf glove! Below I'll introduce you to the Through Touch golf glove by Voraus Golf. Not only will I tell you where to buy it but, I've also got a discount that is a gift for you taking your time to read the article and for caring about improving your golf game!

Through Touch Golf Glove! 

Voraus golf is a start up golf brand who's emergence into the golf world is driven by the release of their first product the Through Touch golf gloveWith their focus on improving the golf industry with advancements in technology they truly delivered on that front with the TT golf glove.

Marketed as the "Modern glove for the modern golfer" the TT golf glove is the first glove on the market that allows golfers to seamlessly use their smartphones and all other touch screen technology with their golf glove still on. Now, at first it may not seem like huge deal but, in the world of golf today it is standard for most golfers to not only have their phones with them but, use them on a frequent basis during their round. 

I know during my round I am using my GPS shot tracker, I am responding to texts or calls, playing music if its a casual round with buddies, or even taking photos to throw up on your Instagram. Now, every other glove I have used does not allow you to do these things with your glove still on. sometimes you might get a few random points where the glove works but, not enough to not be frustrating and time consuming. With its patent design the TT guarantees to eliminate this issue but, also eliminates you having to remove your glove through out your round. For me this didn't seem like a game changing glove at first but, when you eliminate a tedious annoyance and it allows to focus on your round more its always a huge positive. Couple this with the fact that the TT glove checks the rest of the boxes from the list above and it is truly one of the best gloves I have seen on the market.

Voraus Golf didn't stop improving the golf glove with just their Through Touch design, they also drastically improved the ventilation of the glove with the addition of breathable Lycra mesh on top the hand and made with 100% Cabretta Leather. I use this glove in south Florida in the dead of summer and performs great against moisture build up. The last thing Voraus Golf made sure they did was revamp the golf glove look. With its sleek new design, modern look, and its unmistakable green logo you are sure to turn heads when your wearing this on the course!

Final Thoughts...

Well, I am hoping this blog was more informational than it was lengthy and if you've made it this far I wanted to so thank you and congrats for taking time to improve your golf game.

If the Voraus Golf Through Touch glove checks all your needs in a glove just like it did for me (I really suggest you give this awesome glove a chance) then go visit their site and check out this first of its kind glove. If you really love the glove then us promo code NEW18 and you'll get 18% off your first purchase! 


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