Born on the golf course, Voraus Golf was created out of necessity. As an avid golfer and 90's child I frequently saw the disconnect between the rich history of golf and the ever growing use of technology in today's game. Though our clubs have drastically changed in the last 10 years the rest of the golf world was left behind in the tech space.

As I became a frequent user of shot tracking apps on my phone, I quickly noticed that they were almost impossible to use with your golf glove on. After a few rounds of removing my glove to use my phone I decided I couldn't do it anymore. That is where the Through Touch Golf Glove was born and along with that, Voraus Golf! 


With the creation of the Through Touch Golf Glove I soon realized that there wasn't just a lack of technology in golf but, there weren't any companies with the vision to bring it to the golf course. "Voraus" means advancement in German and is the core value of our company. We strive to improve your golf scores but, what we really want to do is help improve your time on the course. To us golf isn't just another sport but, a get away and a time with friends and community.

So, Not only will we provide all level of golfers with the best golf technology but, we will make sure we are the first in advancement and innovation for you, your game, and your community!

The Voraus Golf Difference


Willingness to change and move forward is what drives us to be our best and advancement is at the core.


Without nature we do not have golf. Protecting its landscapes and views is at the foundation of Voraus Golf.


Without the Voraus Golf family there is no Voraus Golf. Providing our customers with 100% satisfaction is what separates us from the rest.

Say Hi to the Owner

Alex Bush is the owner of Voraus Golf and the designer of our flagship product, the Through Touch Golf Glove.

Golf has always been a huge part of Alex's life and when he saw the opportunity to make it into his career he couldn't miss that chance. As an avid golfer since he was a child, Alex has always been looking for ways to improve his golf game and his experience on the course.

With his vision of advancement and sustainability, Voraus Golf is here to pump some new life into the golf industry and truly focus on the golfer!

His commitment to the golfer is what separates Voraus Golf from it's competitors and is the biggest factor in creating the amazing loyal customers we have today. 

Alex Bush


A team of avid golfers and like minded innovators,


is focused on the betterment of the golf world and its community. Everyday our team is dedicated to new innovation and growth for our golfers, and though a lot of that involves new technology, it also focuses on the protection and sustainability of our golf surroundings. One of golf's amazing benefits is that we get to play among some of natures most beautiful environments and here at Voraus Golf we want to do as much as we can to maintain that! That is why 3% of all our sales will be going to the EIFG (Environmental Institute for Golf) and their goal to improve golf course sustainability everywhere!‍

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